The camel
(I had noticed)
is passing
with great difficulty
through the eye of the needle

Performance for 2 actors on wheeled office chairs, 15 min. circa
Palais de Tokyo, Paris

Produced for Nouveau Monde, an event organised by Alex Cecchetti
Performend by Lenka Luptakova and Frédéric Danos

[INT.] Slowly moving around the table. Always addressing each other.

A: THIS is a love poem…
B: THIS is a breakup poem…

Pause for an instant

A: This is an argument poem…
or… or at least a true confrontation kind-of-poem…
B: This is certainly
uncompromisingly a desire-slash-passion-slash-obsession-driven sort-of-poem…

Pause… shorter

A: (hesitant) This is… (almost whispering) a sex poem?
B: What?
A: A SEX POEM… this is a SEX-POEM!
B: This is a ‘let’s-share-some-responsibilities-here’… poem!
A: This is… a street quarrel
a pub fight
any sort of traffic-related disputes, disagreement or squabble… poem
B: This is a soft-core, morally dubious, yet aesthetically pleasing… poem…


A: This is more about YOU, than it is about ME
B: This is more about ‘do-as-I-say’, than it is about ‘do-as-I-do’
A: This is insecurity!
B: This is happiness… lightheartedness
A: It’s fear
it’s anxiety
and… and it’s loss of hair on the pillow… in the morning.
B: It is all those things put together, YES…
and yet I’m afraid it is also expensive anti-aging cream, the tube left open there, to dry-up on the beside table…