Please try to make sense please
Francesco Pedraglio
Invited by Rosa, Galerie Kamm, Berlin

Performance 24 July 2012, 7pm
Exhibition 25 July - 4 August 2012

A scenario. Something as simple as this: three men in a room. An effortless plot, you might point out… not that imaginative either. And yet I don’t see any reason for dismissing the potentiality of such a story from the very beginning, why not give it a chance?

For instance, what if we start with this: three men in a room with two chairs facing each another. Clearly a step forward. A tiny step perhaps, petite even, and yet absolutely tangible. Then, from here onwards, a deluge of consequences! Well… if you can’t picture any, let me help you with that: two of the men now sit down, so that suddenly, we have a completely different scenario. We have two people in a room seated on chairs that face each other… and obviously we still have a third person too. A third man standing somewhere around there… possibly watching.

Now, the first man has a piece of paper in his left hand, the second a glass of wine. Or better: an until-now empty glass, resting a few inches from a bottle of wine. Also… let’s forget about the third person. Better that way. He is there in the room, yes, but I have very little more to tell you, so let’s just not think about him.

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