Three characters observed from a certain distance (and a fourth one talking)
Performance, various location, 2014

Three characters. First, a man being arrested while attempting to cross from Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, Mexico, to Laredo, Texas, USA. Then, a scholar of Pre-Hispanic studies burning her tongue with the first sip of her morning cup of tea (Irish Breakfast tea) while discussing the autumn term’s scheduling with her course leader at the University of East-Anglia, Norwich, UK. Finally, a voice-over, narrating the beginning of a possible story while stuck in between the third and fourth floor of an industrial lift in a converted warehouse in Berlin, Germany.

The three characters should be observed simultaneously, despite their finding themselves in three apparently disconnected circumstances. They should each be read as nothing more than an influence on the previous and a result of the following, the whole chain of effects escalating rapidly until the point of implosion… as in: the first character creating the condition for the existence of the second while being destroyed by the third, and the various permutations.