Performance and installation at Norma Mangione Gallery, Turin, 2015
Photo: Sebastiano Pellion di Persano

A poem that is also another poem or a poem in a language that is the same poem in another language yet also a different one (in both languages) and that is imaginable as an intermittent line that becomes a wall drawing deliverable out loud in a room and that at the same time is also a dialogue between two friends discussing a group of objects some of which are images that could be read as symbols or should be read simply as a poem that is also another poem and so on.

At the same time, other things happen in every other place.

For example:

A: THIS is the booted cat
and THIS is the Barcelona’s peace treaty between Charles V and Clemens VII
B: This is the locomotive…
A: It’s the peach tree in full blossom
B: It’s the little sea horse
A: Are the leftist intellectuals
B: It’s the book
A: It’s a cherry and its seed
B: It’s all that… and it’s also the 100 years’ war
A: It’s all that, YES… and it’s also Caligula
B: and Nero
A: and tomatoes and fish soup
B: and screws, light bulbs, and Hollywood’s Golden Age between 1927 and 1963
A: It’s History with capital H
B: sunglasses… electric heaters… speculative realism!
A: OK… but when you turn the page, my love, you’ll see the money!