Cut to an ordinary road of an ordinary city (4:3), 2014.
Marker on window, 20 scripted scenarios on A4 paper
Cut to an ordinary road of an ordinary city (20 scenarios for 2a Rue de l'Abbye), 2014.
2 colour photographs, marker on glass, 20 scripted scenarios

This piece is both a quiet, continuous performance and a fix installation.
Specifically thought for each space where it is installed (in this case: 2a Rue de l’Abbye, the gallery’s street), the piece reflects on the relationship between narrative structures and the perception of everyday life.

A 4:3 frame is drawn on a window with a white marker. As such, it encloses a portion of the road behind, immediately creating a ‘stage’ out of the everyday city life.
Next to it, a series of printed scenarios describe actions potentially happening within such simple narrative space (the frame itself). The scenarios are specifically written for each of the location where the piece is installed and ‘performed’.
This way the work reimagine the potentialities of fiction applied at every aspect of daily life, even the most banal and overseen.

At the same time, the two photographs (interior/exterior) aim at documenting the undocumentable by capturing this endless performance in yet another frame.