The malady of telling and being told (4:3), 12' 20'', 2014

The video has been shown as part of a larger installation at Flat Time House.
HERE for an image of the installation

The video is structured around a circular “journey” (as modest as a walk from one end to the other end of my studio-space) precisely replicated at day and at night. The camera is physically dragged through the room. It encounters different and supposedly uninteresting items (mostly rubbish or left overs from other tests). With the simple addition of a subtitle giving abstract direction on how a story might begin, and with the insertion of a graphic ‘frame’ that, from time to time, contextualise one or more items together, the journey suddenly seems to take on a narrative pattern: a potential story… something out of something, as they say.

The film is interrupted by a central part. Here, a collection of images from different decorated walls found around my flat in Berlin are used as structures to created very simple geometric shapes. At the same time, a female voice is slowly demonstrating the best way to pronounce English vowels. This central part is not just an interruption, a break (both visually and sound-wise). It is somehow a legend, a key for the rest of the film. With its basic, almost intuitive/instinctual rhythm (the voice ends up sounding almost sexual… while the images are somehow intuitively arranged by shape) it points at our natural attitude to create meanings even where there aren’t any.

And that’s when the film goes back to the night.