Tania Pérez Córdova / Francesco Pedraglio
Parallel Oaxaca, 2015


- He moves a temporary wall previously constructed to cover one of the two doors and blocks one entrance
- With a knife, he cuts a frame into the temporary wall and partially reveals the street behind
- He starts talking…
- Imagine 9 possible scenarios for Calle Santo Tomas…
- Using the leftover cut off from the temporary wall, he traces the contour of a frame on a large sheet of paper
- Scenario 1: a man walking down a busy market with a crate of avocados on his left shoulder…
- Using a brush, he glues a sheet of paper to the wall
- Scenario 2: a fleeting love story… he draws the contour, glues paper to the wall
- Scenario 3: a detective story… drawing and glueing
- Scenario 4: the beginning of a novel as a yet-to-be-written story… drawing and glueing
- Then again: the intermezzo story, the patriotic story, the filmic story, the dark story, the surreal story… all while glueing and pasting.
- In the meantime, night falls over the whole scene
- Outside on the street, a parked car with hazard lights on
- The alarm goes off
- She lowers the driver’s window
- A yellow frame is fitted onto the temporary wall as to perfectly frame the street, the sidewalk, the parked car, and her…
- Now turn of about 180 degrees on your own axis
- The 10th scenario is about her dream and goes more or less like this:
- A man and a woman, a dusty road, a car and a gun