Francesco Pedraglio
30 Nov - 9 Feb 2012

Unit F, 449 Holloway Road
London N7 6LJ

(extracts from press release)


The action or, if you prefer, the exhibition, takes place mostly during daytime… within office hours so to speak… from 12 to 6 or by appointment. Well, obviously it’s still there at night, when we’ve all left… out and about… thinking of something else, by ourselves or with someone else. Even then it’s there. It exists while you are walking out of that space, down the street and straight into your local corner shop to buy yourself some dinner, and it exists while the building superintendent moves slowly through the narrow backyard to shut the front gate and turn the light off in the main stairwell so that you can’t get into the building until the morning after.


Now let’s give it a name. Let’s say it’s called Frank! So Frank!, our action, our show, our character – potentially mine or your story – well, Frank! is a person like any other person… it just happened to be here, now, existing as an exhibition of some sort… constructed as a series of scenarios re-enacting the psychology of a character.

Photos: Plastiques Photography