2 Battaglie e 1 Guerra
Performance with 3 texts and a 22m hand-printed canvas fabric, 2016
Istituto Svizzero, Milan
Part of Riviera; performance curated by Caterina Riva

Part of the larger project The art of telling the art of war (99 battles and 1 war), 2 Battaglie ed 1 Guerra (extract) is a script in continuous development, a monologue imagining potential staging for both historical battles and personal conflicts by combining the significant with the banal, the exceptional with the quotidian. Dates, names, places, more or less known details and anecdotes, each element gets reshaped through stylistic changes that varies from prose to poetry, from cinematic to theatre language. Parallel to all this, a 22 meters (the exact length of the space) hand-printed canvas fabric is used as prop, as an installation for the space and as a potential script able to direct the audience towards the narration itself, without prescribe any fix meaning.