The Melody is in the Eye (words are just the left hand)

HD film, 23' 24'', Italy/Mexico 2016
Actors: Sabrina Modenini / Andrea De Manincor
Walking man: Francesco Pedraglio
Cinematographer: Fabio Petronilli
Second camera: Sonia Veronelli
Sound mixing: Filippo Restelli
Colour grading: estudio de producción (Mexico)
Location: Como (Italy)

The film is a reenactment for camera of a live performance. It focuses on the idea of ‘arguments’ (more specifically: couple arguments) as a device for fast-forwarded storytelling, for syncopate and fragmented narratives. Two actors (a man and a woman in their late forties) are portrayed moving around a half-empty villa while enacting an escalating argument.

The film is structured around 5 scenes following the classic 5-acts dramatic structure. The script is loosely based on a multitude of sources: literary and filmic references, cliches, stereotypes and personal references.

Each of the 5 parts is introduced by the subtle appearance and disappearance of a third character (always seen from behind) that, as a voice-over narrator, sets up the mood for the following scene.