Portrait of I (blue)
HD film, 15' 17'', UK/Mexico 2017

Cinematographer: Fabio Petronilli
Sound mixing: Liliana Villaseñor
Produced with the support of Hospitalfield Summer Art Residency
Location: Arbroath, Scotland

Let's say that a first man – maybe the protagonist of this story – let's call him X
Well then, X decides to work on a film that looks at the relationship between portraiture, self-portraiture and silence.

The way he envisages to do it, is by filming another man, a second man, lets call him Y
which, by the way, happens to be the first man’s alter ego...

Well, the idea is that he - meaning Y - will appear in front of the camera, becoming the only visual focus of that portrait.

What X wants to know is if, by pointing the camera long enough onto Y, and despite asking him not to speak, to be completely silent
Well, if the lens will actually pick up some essence of that man, of Y, and consequently, being Y the alter ego of X, if the camera will pick up something about X too.

The problems start when Y cancels last minute, suddenly obliging X not simply to imagine what the portrait of a silent alter ego might look like, but even how the portrait of an absent, silent alter ego could be.

The situation is tricky. That´s where a third man - lets call him Z - that´s when he enters the story.
Z is the photographer of the 'film to come' and happens to be also one of X oldest childhood friend.

Suddenly a solution seems possible:
If the idea is to see how much of a portrait of X would come out from a silent portrait of his alter ego Y
and if Y is suddenly physically absent... well the only way out is to shoot a portrait through the eyes of Z who, by knowing X, could potentially imagine how the absent Y would have behaved, and create images accordingly.