Racconto antiorario (6 costellazioni) / Scripting anticlockwise (6 constellations)
HD video, 10’04’’, 2017

At the center of a dark space, the camera’s anticlockwise rotation around a column marks the rhythmic succession of a series of abstract images. As lines connecting dots spread around a sheet of paper, trajectories, colours, shapes and volumes seem to materialise fragments of an unknown alphabet. Meanwhile, in what seems to be a divinatory process, a voice over uses these very same fragments to propose starting points for futures stories.

Developed from a live performance, the film employs an abstract narrative to imagine six possible constellations that take shape in that space created between the narrator, the actors, the props and the dark of the night.

Camera/DOP: Marco Costantini & Fabio Petronilli
Lighting design: Sebastiano Peyron
Sound design: Liliana Villaseñor, César González
Color correction: Marco Costantini
With the participation of: Giulia De Giorgi e Michele Bertolino
Location: Norma Mangione Gallery